Fleshlight LAUNCHTM

The Fleshlight Launch™ automatically strokes your Fleshlight for you, up to 180 strokes per minute! Combined with ufeel.tv, it delivers real sex sensation to complete the immersive experience.

Key Features:
  • Auto and Interactive modes
  • Touch pad controls stroke speed and depth
  • USB charging, no batteries necessary
  • Wireless Bluetooth connectivity

Videos You feel AND Control.

Ufeel.tv is the only provider of videos custom produced for interactivity. This allows you to not only FEEL, but also CONTROL your videos.

Fleshlight LaunchTM-enabled videos provide a revolutionary virtual sex experience: From the slightest flick of the tongue to the deepest penetrating thrusts, every sensation is precisely sequenced with your Fleshlight LaunchTM.

Ufeel.tv combines this real-time sex sensation with the option to jump in the driver`s seat and take control of the position and the speed of the sex!

Two Ways to Watch: No Membership Required


Download complete videos from our video store. Purchase only the videos
you want for just $9.95 each and you keep your videos for life.


For the true enthusiast, get unlimited access to our library of videos in the
ufeel.tv members area. Ufeel.tv members also get access to bonus content
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